Kath Howard – Cura200 (2013)


Within this blog, I will be researching the history of Cura, looking at what the definition of  ‘Curatorial’ means, along with when this form of practice initially began through looking at cultures such as the Babylonians all the way up until modern art. I will then be discussing the documentary ‘The Ways of Seeing’ by John Berger in which he speaks of the ways technology such as photography and the internet has changed our perception of artwork.

Along with my research I will be reviewing some of the exhibitions I have been to or that interest me, discussing what I feel works or doesn’t work well curatorially in the space. Within this blog I have also read a written review of an exhibition and reviewed the written piece on how well I feel it engages the reader and gives the right information which in turn can help myself to write better reviews of the exhibitions I go to. Within the academic year I have also been very lucky to sit into many guest lecturers’ talks such as artists Abigail Reynolds and Cel Crabeels along with curators such as Sarah Chapman curator of the Peninsula Gallery and organizations such as KARST and Bristol Diving School, and within this blog I will also be talking about some of their work.

Over this year I have also taken part in three group projects with my course whereby we have curated two exhibitions called ‘Namaak’ and ‘Boum’ and a ZINE publication. Here I will be discussing the processes we took along with what went well and what caused problems for us.

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By Kath Howard (2013)