CURA 301- Questions


  • My Medium and Process research

Within this module I want to carry on my interest with Artscience using similar imagery as before, however this time I want to focus mainly on the medium of textiles and may look into making a more 3D artwork/collection. To do this I will look into certain techniques and may ask friends of mine within the fashion and textiles to teach me these.

  • Concept: What are my ideas about?

I want to look into finding the beauty within the gruesome especially within science which is commonly known as the “unknown world”. I also want to look into feminism through the use of textiles. To also reflect my new role as an Artist/Curator I want to be thinking about documenting my pieces on a factual level as well as how I display any finished pieces.

  • Relates to context in the widest sense of the word- place, space, time etc.

I find that keeping people aware of our scientific advancements whether it be something as small as cell microscopy is important and keeps our generation up to date, doing this in an artistic way also draws in a wider audience especially those who struggle engaging with a more technological approach. For this I shall look into the movement of Artscience and other Artists who are fascinated in scientific beauty. As well as this, I want to look into artists who look at finding beautiful aspects within something more gruesome which many current artists seem to do. I also want to look into textiles artists and research where we stand with the feminist movement.

  • My creative aspirations and what I intend to do in my next modules.

Eventually I want to be able to create some sort of collection information/finished pieces. I also like the idea of maybe creating something much bigger such as a sculpture in my future module.